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“Rich White, left, and Dennis Wittenberg, president of the Upper Cumberland Coin Club, talk about some of the items in their collections while preparing for the next club meeting.” –

Learning about a hobby or anything is more fun when it is shared with a friend, family member or other. Learning about coins and money is no different. Lots of people learn about coins and coin history through coin clubs  such as the Upper Cumberland Coin Club….

The club president, Dennis, “first got interested in coins when his grandmother showed him the thousands of pennies she had collected over the years. He picked up a book on coins and sorted through them for her.

“That’s how a majority of the older collectors get into them,” he said. “When the pennies went from the wheat pennies to the Lincoln Memorial in 1959, a lot of people started collecting pennies…

Both (he and Rich) are now encyclopedias of knowledge about coins from various countries and time periods. They can recite important dates — such as 1982, when pennies went from copper to zinc — or about 550 BC, when the Greek king who is credited with being the first to create gold coins.

“He was the richest person on earth at the time, but he had no way to tell how much he was worth,” White said. “So he ordered his gold and silver be stamped into coinage so he could count it. That’s where the saying ‘He has more money that Cresus’ came from.”

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