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FUN Auction is Huge Success – over 42 million!

"Over $42 Million Sells in Heritage US Coins FUN Auction"

“Gold ingots recovered from the SS Central America shipwreck took center stage as Heritage’s annual FUN auctions at the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) convention in Fort Lauderdale took place January 4-9. All told, the US coin auction raised in excess of $42 million for its consignors, with World Currency adding over $1.2 million, and US Currency, continuing through January 10, expected to total over $7 million.”

For lots more information on auction activity, see the article!

Coin World introduces Gold sovereign coins

The editor of Coin World introduced their series of posts, “Great Britain’s modern gold sovereign celebrates 200th anniversary in 2017: Royal Mint marks milestone of flagship bullion coin”

“this is the first part of a story about the British gold sovereign, which celebrates a milestone anniversary in 2017. senior editor Jeff Starck’s story about the coin and its history appears in the January 2017 monthly Coin World.”

“Britain’s gold sovereign, with the famous image of St. George slaying the Dragon, is one of the most recognized gold coins ever.

The sovereign — a coin that lacks a declaration of country or denomination — is the choice of investors and evaders, secret agents and villains alike (after all, James Bond famously carries 50 of them in his attache case).”

Read the post and those following for a fascinating celebration of these great coins.

The 2017 gold sovereigns mark the 200th anniversary of modern sovereign coins. The Proof 2017 coin, right, reflects Pistrucci’s 1817 design, including the border.  Image courtesy of the Royal Mint.

The 2017 gold sovereigns mark the 200th anniversary of modern sovereign coins. The Proof 2017 coin, right, reflects Pistrucci’s 1817 design, including the border. Image courtesy of the Royal Mint.

2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin – U.S. Mint Reopens Sales December 15

2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin - U.S. Mint

2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin – U.S. Mint

The United States Mint (Mint) will reopen sales for the 2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin (product code 16XB) on December 15 at noon Eastern Time while supplies last.  Orders will be limited to one per household.

The coins are beautifully struck in .9999 fine 24-karat gold to celebrate Adolph A. Weinman’s original Winged Liberty Dime design.  The coin is commonly referred to as the Mercury Dime because of Liberty’s resemblance to the Roman god Mercury.  Each coin contains one-tenth troy ounce of 24-karat gold, symbolic of the coin’s denomination of one dime, and is struck with a business strike finish.

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“Gold Price Lower on Strong Dollar” –

“Gold Price Lower on Strong Dollar”

Everitt Millman wrote on the blog of Greenville Coin about the status of the price of gold and the dollar this week…

“Another rally for the dollar to close out this week has knocked the precious metal prices slightly lower again on Friday. Stocks and crude oil were both higher as markets opened. The gold price trended about 0.4% lower by 9:45 am EST…

…The seemingly insatiable level of risk appetite in the financial markets has helped propel stock indices in the U.S. to unprecedented levels. Traders and investors continue to bask in the risk-on sentiment that has characterized markets since Donald Trump’s victory in November’s presidential election…

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The Future of Gold post U.S. Presidenttial Election

Gold Coins -

Gold Coins –

Safe Collecting Supplies, Inc. posted an opinion piece about the affects of the election of President-Elect Trump….

“Gold, Gold, Gold”

“Last month’s political pendulum took an unexpectedly sharp right turn, and thus the economy has settled down in the forefront of many a shareholder’s mind. With stock markets rising to historic heights, the effects of a business-centric president-elect are already showing. For now they’re headed northbound, but the overall question we as a country should ask is, Will the spikes last?

Read the rest of the article….

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“The New Case for Gold” – James Rickard

In James Rickard’s new book, ‘The New Case for Gold’, he says…

They say John Maynard Keynes called gold a “barbarous relic.”
They say there isn’t enough gold to support finance and commerce.
They say
the gold supply can’t increase fast enough to support world growth.

They’re wrong.

In this bold manifesto, bestselling author and eco­nomic commentator James Rickards steps forward to defend gold—as both an irreplaceable store of wealth and a standard for currency.

Global political instability and market volatility are on the rise. Gold, always a prudent asset to own, has become the single most important wealth preserva­tion tool for banks and individuals alike. Rickards draws on historical case studies, monetary theory, and personal experience as an investor to argue that:

• The next financial collapse will be exponentially bigger than the panic of 2008.
• The time will come, sooner rather than later, when there will be panic buying and only central banks, hedge funds, and other big players will be able to buy any gold at all.
• It’s not too late to prepare ourselves as a nation: there’s always enough gold for a gold standard if we specify a stable, nondeflationary price.

Providing clear instructions on how much gold to buy and where to store it, the short, provocative argu­ment in this book will change the way you look at this “barbarous relic” forever. elaborates on the book and on “The New Case for Gold and the Gold Standard”. Here is an excerpt of his Postscript:

“Postscript: Trump and Gold

President-elect Donald Trump expressed qualified support for the gold standard during the 2016 presidential campaign…

…He went on to explain that in his view, other countries have the gold, which appears to be in reference to the moves by China, Russia, and other nations in recent years to vastly expand their gold reserves and gold holdings…

…But after a momentary spike the night he was elected, gold then began a massive move downward that has continued to this day…

…It remains to be seen what economic and trade policies the Trump administration pursues and how those policies, and congressional action on that agenda, will end up impacting gold in 2017 and beyond. “

Gold is down since the election

Gold bars - 'Gold as an investment' - wikipedia

Gold bars – ‘Gold as an investment’ – wikipedia

Douglas Keefe is the president of Beachcomber Coins Inc. reported about the worth of gold since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States…

“You will recall my prediction before the election that whoever wins, it would be wise to own gold. Well, with Donald Trump our president elect, the markets are reacting euphorically, with the stock market reaching an all-time high and the price of gold, unfortunately for my prediction, going down.

Not very far down; $1,188 as of the writing or this column. Remember though, that gold prices started the year under $1,100 per ounce, so the price is still strong. Only time will tell if my prediction about gold will come to pass, but looking at the entire world stage, I think a little hedging in one’s financial portfolio wouldn’t hurt.”

Read more about his thoughts AND about the history of investing in gold in his ‘’ post.The Gold and Silver Mine: Gold is on the downThe Gold and Silver Mine: Gold is on the down

Wikipedia – ‘Gold as an Investment

“Gold Inches Lower on Week, Silver Rallies…” –

“Gold Inches Lower on Week, Silver Rallies; US Mint Gold Sales Strengthen” –

“Gold Inches Lower on Week, Silver Rallies; US Mint Gold Sales Strengthen” – reported on the futures of gold, silver, platinum and palladium…

“Gold futures closed higher Friday for the first time in four sessions, climbing from an almost 10-month low and trimming their weekly loss to just 60 cents….”

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Supply for American Eagle Gold Coins might not meet demand…

2016 50 Dollar 1-oz Gold Eagle NGC MS69 -

2016 50 Dollar 1-oz Gold Eagle NGC MS69 –

‘The Buzz’s Dave Harper posted “Gotta get that gold American Eagle” on He reported…

Gold’s market price might be down to $1,169, but demand for one-ounce American Eagles continues to soar.

Buyers took 129,000 of the Eagles from the Mint last month.

November results beat October’s handily.

The October sales number of 100,500 had been the previous high sales month for 2016. It was also the highest sales month since July 2015 recorded 144,500.

Is it a buying panic?

Read more to find out…

“The Royal Mint to begin offering Gold Trading using Blockchain Technology”

Blockchain Technology -

Blockchain Technology – reported in the post, “Blockchain Technology Allows Digital Investment in Precious Metals” that…

“This is the technology that Bitcoin is based on. Don’t let words like cryptocurrency, blockchain, or Bitcoin intimidate you. Blockchain technology is nothing more than a digital ledger (yep, just like in accounting class), albeit a highly sophisticated one.

The idea of blockchain is to securely and accurately record financial transactions….”

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