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Risk Disclosure for Purchases of Precious Metals

General Risks Disclosure believes in the value of precious metals and encourages ownership for investment/and or collecting purposes. That said, investors must recognize that owning precious metals is speculative and that with hoping to make a profit goes the risk of losing investment value. It must be understood that ALL investments involve risk. Precious metals bullion, bullion coins and collectible coins including the European, United States, Latin American gold coins and numismatic coins offered by the firm, are no exception.

Prior performance cannot be used to help predict future performance but must not be seen as any kind of guarantee. Investing in risky items or concepts is not for everyone. Before entering into an investment, investors should have adequate cash reserves and disposable income. Bullion and coins provide no interest or yield. Their value needs to increase to cover costs, but this is not in any way guaranteed. Precious metals coins and bullion are not insured by any other government agency. is not liable directly or indirectly for market losses incurred by individuals as a result of their purchases from any company listed or advertised on

Special Factors Affecting Prices and Value

Many economic and market circumstances affect the price and value of precious metals coins and bullion. All these factors and more should be weighed before making a purchase.  Market prices for precious metals change by the minute and can go up or down significantly in very short periods of time. Most precious metals products seen on or offered by advertisers on trade at premiums above the price of gold. Items’ values fluctuate greatly as determined by the supply and demand. Grading plays a significant role in the price and value, both at the time of purchase and of sale. Grading services such as the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) render independent and subjective opinion on the condition (or grade) of coins, and then seals those coins in tamper-proof holders. It is understood that advertisers on rely on the opinion of these grading services for statements of condition. The buyer alone is responsible for all risks in purchases and investments.